About Jobs in Mauritius

Published: 10th August 2010
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About Jobs in Mauritius

The job market keeps evolving and changing mainly in Mauritius. To go for the right job, the right skills are required. So people themselves evolve and move to careers that fit their skills, abilities and lifestyle, a job search that usually turn to be the right job.

In order to be able to work in Mauritius you must get a work visa or an occupation permit in Mauritius, you must get a work contract or a valid job offer from an employer in the island beforehand. For this, you must begin by making some jobs application to companies implanted in Mauritius. To help you with all these, there are a number of Mauritian websites offering job listings in the island whether for local as well as international companies. Among these websites, jobsite.mu is among the biggest and is the fastest growing job portal in Mauritius.

Many different kinds of people benefit from the broad base of job creation in Mauritius, and the economy of the nation is enhanced. The government has also taken measures to educate most of the population by making education to be free. Also it is a necessity to go to schools and colleges to study up to the age of 16. In such a way, most people have got skills and qualification for a job. The literacy rates in Mauritius are really high.

Moreover, high school and/or college graduates can also apply for jobs suited to their qualifications in many sectors. People from every economic class can get a job in Mauritius, which is an excellent phenomenon for a developing country. Also, because of the high levels of education that the government successfully propagates, there are many people who have the ability to apply for the jobs that are available. This is spread across all economic layers and benefits everyone.

During the fast years, Mauritius has diversified a lot from a dependent based agricultural system to tourism and textile sector. This transition was possible by diversification and the importance of education for which the Government has played a great role. Mauritius has got only one valuable resource that is rendering the prosperity of the country which is its population. With no natural gifts as resources, it is amazing how fast Mauritius is evolving with its population as only resource.

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